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Intamo Bliss Box

Regular price $69.69

1x Start Me Up, Massage Oil 250ml

1x Moondance, Period and Pelvic Pain Relief Oil 100ml

1x Strange Magic, Relaxation Diffuser Blend 15ml

This trio of our most blissed out products are sure to give you the R & R that you deserve! — And who doesn’t love a deal??

Set the mood with Start Me Up, our plant-based, aphrodisiac massage oil that is infused with organic hemp-seed oil, great for foreplay, solo massage and moisturizing. Paired with Strange Magic — our relaxation diffuser blend, there’s no way you won’t be 100% chilled the f*&k out!

Experience relief from pelvic pain caused my menstruation and other conditions like endometriosis with Moondance, our plant-based and organic hemp-seed oil topical oil. No uterus? No problem! Moondance doesn’t discriminate and offers relief for common surface and muscular pain!