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Luz Arte Jollet

Regular price $149.99

Created with hygienically superior silicone, the Jollet has an intuitive shape designed to fit in the vagina perfectly. Standing at 7.5” tall, Jollet is sure to become a favourite. The penis-like head widens into 1.8” diameter bulge, designed for g-spot stimulation. The shaft then tapers gradually into two clitoral stimulating ridges at the bottom. The base is a flower-shaped for style and stability, and is flat on the bottom, allowing it to stand upright. It comes with a bullet which fits in the bottom of the Jollet for internal vibration, or take it out and use it simultaneously with the Jollet stimulating your external body parts! This toy is best paired with an external vibrator like the Digit by Hot Octopuss, and trust us, you’ll be gushinggg! 

*LuZarte is a woman owned business and all of her products are made in Arizona!*