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Aneros Evi Kegal Exerciser

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This unique kegal exerciser is anatomically designed for vaginas to offer a sensual, hands-free experience like no other while strengthening your pelvic floor muscles! A strong pelvic floor equals tighter vaginas, enhanced pleasure and orgasm, better bladder control, and even smoother pregnancies! Upon insertion, the Evi is gripped by your pelvic floor muscles, guiding you to discover and exercise the muscles that are essential to healthy sexual wellness. We especially love this toy (yes a this kegal exerciser is fun enough to call a toy) because its curved front of the bulb stimulates the your G-spot, and the handle is designed to stimulate your clit, adding a pleasurable aspect to exercising your pelvic floor! 

The Evi is covered in velvet-touch silicone and measures 5.7 inches. It weighs 3.3 oz and can be worn undetectably under clothing. Aneros Warranty - non Vibrating products - lifetime through Aneros.