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Dame Eva

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Eva is a fully waterproof couple’s vibrator to give you the clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex or grinding that you've been forever searching for! Eva stays in place with flexible wings that tuck under your labia, making it hands free and worry-free! Eva also stays out of the way so you can still enjoy the feeling of your partners body. We agree that holding a toy in place can be distracting, and even counterproductive, so the fact that Eva is worn in the vulva, is awesome because it leaves your hands free to support your weight, move around, and put your hands to better use ;) This toy is awesome for not only penetrative sex, but is the perfect addition to two people with vulvas having sex. Eva's wings are super flexible meant for all kinds of labia shapes and a comfortable fit, non-distracting fit. Even in adventurous positions, Eva only needs the help of a single finger to stay secure! We also love the idea of using the Eva solo in conjunction with a dildo or butt plug... doesn't that just sound lovely? This baby has 3 speeds ranging from gentle to quite intense vibrations, and is made out of body-safe silicone for a soft feel. 

*Dame is a woman owned and run business that focuses primarily on designing toys that enhances your sexual experience if you are someone with a vulva!*