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Hevea Latex O-Ring Bra

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Form fitting and perfectly restrictive, this triangle cup latex bra with o-ring details is a forward thinking, post-fetish wearable piece. A center o-ring and two side o-rings form the front of the latex bra, with two adjustable metal bra sliders in the back to fit your band size perfectly. Straps and band are made with thicker grade latex for more support. Made with stainless steel components and high quality latex from the U.K. 

Latex Care:  
~ use only water based lubricant like our Smooth Operator or latex dressing aid or lube on garments

~ talc or lube garments before putting them on gently, without using fingernails

~ pale and transparent coloured latex will stain easily, so avoid storing it with dark colours and metal jewelry, including nickel

~ after wearing, wash latex in gentle soap in lukewarm water. Rinse off soap and hang to dry. Once garment is completely dry, dust inside with talc and polish outside

~ store garment wrapped in tissue paper, avoiding direct sunlight and heat. Store flat to avoid creasing. For coloured latex, keep metal components wrapped in tissue when storing to avoid discolouration
Small-Medium: fits underbust 30" - 38". Bust 34-36"
Large - XL: fits underbust 30-38". Bust 36-42" 

*Hevea Latex is a queer woman owned business, with all items lovingly designed and handmade in Vancouver, BC. We LOVE Hevea because they create all-inclusive designs and sizes, bridging the gap between traditional  fetish wear and queer, non-binary, and trans bodies.*