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Hot Octopuss DiGit

Regular price $99.99

Undeniably delightful, this finger vibe is the most beautiful and ergonomic sex toy from Hot Octopuss yet! This versatile vibrator will enhance the way you masturbate and take sex and foreplay to new levels. With its uniquely large rumbly motor and 5 power settings, this toy will turn your fingers into superheroes! It is designed to feel like a part of you, and curves seamlessly around your fingers to become an extension of your body. This toy is also an excellent gender affirming toy as its high vibrations can be pleasurable on all genitals, and it is perfect for muffing! This lil toy is 87.5 x 48 x 31mm, making it tiny enough to fit in your purse or carry on!

*Hot Octopuss designs toys that celebrate all bodies, keeping age, disability and gender in mind!*

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