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Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

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Looking for the perfect toy for you and your partner? Well you may have just found it! Take foreplay to the next level with PULSE DUO, which combines PulsePlate technology™, a type of oscillating vibration that was used in medical settings to produce voluntary orgasm in people with physical disabilities, because they couldn't have kids. Paired with powerful remote-controlled vibrations, this toy has 2 motors, that can make you both cum hands-free! The pulse plate technology is controlled by buttons on the toy itself and stimulates the penis, while an extra motor on the top of the toy, which is controlled via remote control, stimulates the vulva or perineum of your partner; perfect for penis-vulva and penis-penis couples! This toy is especially wonderful for folks who have erectile dysfunction or for trans men with phalloplasty, because the toy can be used on a flaccid penis to encourage and maintain an erection, and the rumbly oscillations from the vibrating plate are felt deep into your tissues, getting at nerve endings that otherwise couldn't be stimulated. Also a fantastic toy for people with vulvas who have vaginismus/pain from penetration, or trauma survivors, because it is easy to simulate the real thing with your partner without actually having to engage in penetrative sex. Andddd last but not least, we loveeee waterproof toys, so you betta believe this one's perfect for bath time! 

*Hot Octopuss designs toys that celebrate all bodies, keeping age, disability, and gender in mind!*