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Liberator Plush Waterproof Microvelvet Mini Throw Aubergine

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  • Supremely plush waterproof throw 
  • Specially lined to soak up lubes and other liquids
  • Inner moisture barrier ensures bedding and furniture stay moisture-free
  • Perfect for squirters (& period sex too!)
  • Machine washable
  • 26" x 36"

Throw (It) Down Anywhere!

Messy sex? Yes!

Toss the Fascinator over beds, sofas, or chairs for spontaneous love-making. Take it on the road for racy outdoor fun or any place your wettest and wildest adventures take you!

Squirters will delight in the stress-free mess because cleanup is a breeze! After the fun is done, simply toss it in the washing machine and let airdry.