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Dame Aer Papaya

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Bath-Friendly and Quiet The Aer is waterproof, allowing you to enjoy it in the bath for a unique experience. Plus, it's discreetly quiet, ensuring your privacy.

User-Friendly Design Featuring raised buttons and easy navigation, the Aer guarantees a comfortable experience for everyone.

Versatile Discover five speeds and five air-pulse patterns, a unique feature that sets the Aer apart from other clitoral suction toys.

Body-Safe and Rechargeable Crafted from silky, body-safe silicone and featuring USB recharging for your convenience and peace of mind.

Medium Intensity With a medium intensity level, the Aer caters to a broad range of preferences, and to those with a more sensitive clit.


Mouth to Back: 1.95”
Height: 4.66"
Width: 1.46"
Flexible Mouth: 0.5" x 0.8"
Dame: Inclusive Excellence Dame is a woman-owned and operated business committed to enhancing intimate experiences for all individuals, regardless of gender.

Elevate your intimate experience with the discreet and whisper quiet Dame Aer.