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Dame Arc Berry

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The Dame Arc is an exceptional sex toy that is designed for exploration and precision, catering to a diverse range of bodies. With a powerful motor, a soft bulb featuring a clit or perineum stimulating ridge, and an easy-to-handle curved design, the Arc allows you to discover your perfect spot effortlessly.

Made for Exploration The Arc's bulb boasts a gentle squish and a distinctive beaked ridge, offering targeted vibrations on the vulva, clitoris, or perineum. It's designed to accommodate and enhance pleasure for all bodies. Warm up by playing with it externally before diving into g-spot or prostate stimulation.

Easy Handling The Arc's thoughtfully designed handle combines the perfect length and shape to provide just the right angles without straining your hand or wrist, making it user-friendly for all individuals. Enjoy a variety of motions, including rocking, rotating, steady nestling, and gentle sliding in and out.

Powerful Vibrations The Arc is equipped with one of Dame's strongest motors, ensuring a deep, satisfying rumble that can be adjusted to your preferred pattern and speed, regardless of your body type.

Enhanced Comfort For a more comfortable experience, pair the Arc with Smooth Operator, ensuring effortless glide and more pleasure.


  • Length: 7.5”
  • Bulb: 1.4” wide

Dame: Inclusive Excellence Dame is a woman-owned and operated business dedicated to enhancing sexual experiences primarily for people with vulvas. 

Elevate your intimate exploration with the Dame Arc, designed to provide pleasure and satisfaction for people with both vaginas and prostates!