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b Condoms Latex Condom 10 Pack

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b Condoms are electronically tested THREE times to make sure that your condom is never compromised during vaginal, oral or anal sex, so you can rest assured that it won’t break, tear, or leak. They are made with premium non-toxic, pesticide free, ingestible safe latex and are lubricated with equally body safe lube, although we still recommend using our water-based lube (Smooth Operator) for the most pleasurable results! Whether you are seeking natural condoms, the thinnest condoms for maximum sensitivity, comfortable condoms or the best lubricated condoms, you will experience such a comfortable and natural feel with our premium condoms. b condoms are truly our favourite condoms to buy and best condoms to use! After trying different condoms, their condoms provide you with ultra-smooth odor free premium latex and lubricant. Additionally, their neutral-scented lube removes the nasty rubber and waxy industrial latex smell making them the best condoms everrrrrrrrr!

*b Condoms is the first and only Black owned condom company and we’re extremely proud to be representing them because they are truly a LEADER in a movement towards ending health disparities.*