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Enrapt Leathercraft Finger Flogger Studded

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Floggers are such a wonderful beginner toy and can be used to create all kinds of sensations! You can trace the falls across the skin, strike with the length of the falls all together, or whip with just the ends! - Oh la la! You hold these versatile toys by two finder loops, and the entire flogger measure about 54cm in length, with 40cm of that being the falls. These floggers are made from SUPER soft, supple, chrome-tan leathers and treated with conditioner. Such a sexy treat for yourself or play partner!

*Enrapt Leathercraft is a Queer owned business in Victoria, BC, who fabricates everything locally! We LOVE Enrapt because they use ethically sourced leather, and work closely with Intamo to create beautiful designs that they know our customers will fall in love with.*

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