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Enrapt Leathercraft - Deluxe Leather Handcuffs

Regular price $119.99

These deluxe bondage cuffs are about as comfortable and stylish as you're going to get! The plush inner layer ensures you can wear them all day without chafing and the adjustable outer band ensures they stay snug right where they're supposed to. These babies are beautifully made with precision and close attention to detail, with a gorgeous double stitch on the inner leather layer. These cuffs have small flourishes at the ends of the straps and adjust from an inside circumference of 12.5 cm to 23 cm in order to fit most wrists.The inner layer is 4cm wide and the outer strap is 2cm wide. Each pair comes with a double bolt snap connector to allow for convenient fastening to each other or other points.
*Enrapt Leathercraft is Handmade in Victoria!*