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Dame Eva Papaya

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The Eva is the waterproof partner(s) vibrator designed to enhance your intimate connection during penetrative sex or grinding. Discover a hands-free and worry-free approach to clitoral stimulation.

Stays Secure The Eva features flexible wings that tuck comfortably under your labia, keeping it securely in place without distractions. Enjoy your partner's touch and your pleasure without holding a toy in position.

Versatile Pleasure The Eva is perfect for penetrative sex and a great addition for two people with vulvas. Its adaptable wings ensure a comfortable fit, even in adventurous positions, needing just a single finger to stay secure.

Solo Adventures The Eva isn't limited to couples. Use it solo in conjunction with a dildo or butt plug for an exploration of new pleasures and desires.

Customized Sensations Explore three vibration speeds, from gentle to intense, all in a body-safe silicone design for a soft, inviting feel.


  • 1.3” W (body only)
  • 2.4" W (wings included) 
  • 1.7" H x 1.1" D

Dame: Inclusive Excellence Dame is a woman-owned and operated business committed to enhancing intimate experiences for all individuals, regardless of gender. Elevate your partner play with the Dame Eva.