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Fun Factory Fun Cup A Menstrual Cup

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Simple. Healthy. Period.

Fun Factory's renowned high-quality body-safe silicone, now in a comfortable, convenient menstrual cup!

The Fun Cup's curved body contours to the vagina, ensuring ultimate comfort and no slips or leaks. They also hold 4x-6x more than tampons do, allowing them to be worn for up to 12 hours. When it's time to empty, simply remove, wash, and re-insert (or stow in its antimicrobial storage bag), bringing both your period product waste and monthly menstrual care cost down to basically 0! Even better, they can even be worn mess-free during light penetration, like fingering or oral, and won't cause dryness or micro-abrasions like tampons can. 

Size A: 2.1 in Ø 1.56 in and 0.68 oz
Size B: 2.29 in Ø 1.7 in and 1.01 oz