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Njoy Pure Wand

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The Njoy Pure Wand is a 1.5 lb. stainless steel tool that was made for prostate and g-spot massage. Rather than thrusting this toy, it’s more meant for massage and tugging, and thanks to its dramatic curve, it is an accessible tool for reaching your prostate or g-spot, and fantastic if you have not been able to locate these regions before! Excellent for experiencing g-spot or prostate only orgasms, but also pairs well with a clit vibrator — which brings us to it’s efficacy for those wanting to experiment with squirting. The Pure Wand is notoriously successful for offering folks with vulvas the ability to squirt, although bear in mind that all of our bodies are different! The stainless steel material has a lot of added benefits — it is very smooth, making it great for folks sensitive to friction, it warms to your natural body temperature, and it can be warmed up or cooled down for those into temperature play! This double ended dildo is great for folks who want to play together, experiment with different sizes, and thanks to its non-porous material, it is super easy to keep clean and safer to share. Rock the Pure Wand back and forth inside of you, experimenting with tugging and massage! This toy is heavyyyy, offering more intense stimulation, and although it is accessible in length for finding your sweet spots, its weight may be limiting for some folks. For folks with vulvas who want an extra intense workout for your pelvic floor, you know this toy is everything you ever needed with its bulbous end doubling as a legal weight. Last but not least, you know we loveeee a genderless toy because all experiences with pleasure should be affirming and empowering!

Length: 8 inches (200mm)

Tapered Tips: 1.5 inches (38mm) diameter, 1 inch (25mm) diameter
Weight: 1.51 lbs (680g)

*Njoy uses 316 grade stainless steel that provides superior corrosion resistance, a deliciously deep and lustrous finish, and added strength and toughness.*