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Peace Lily Toys The Bulbous

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Introducing the Bulbous by our pals over at! This jaw droopingly gorgeous toy is a fuller bodied piece with more complex features, so be sure to take your time and appreciate all that it has to offer! What we love about this toy is that it is double ended, and can be used for prostate and g-spot stimulation on the wider end, and on the other end, we see more of a beaded feature that will massage your walls gently but effectively! We love glass because it’s non-porous, making it super anti-bacterial and safer to share with partners, and because glass can be cooled down or warmed up to your personal preference, exploring temperature play with the Bulbous is such a treat! Trust us when we say this toy is hearty, heavy, and ready for you to give it a run for its money. Speaking of which, you’re getting a real *bang* for your buck with this very well made in Canada dildo!

Size: 20cm-23cm Length    4cm-6cm Girth

*Peace Lily Toys are made in Canada out of premium blown glass, by people who have been professionally blowing glass for 15 years, so you know it’s good!*