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Peach & Cream Peak Dual Stimulation Air Pulse + Rabbit Vibrator

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Introducing Peak, the perfect solution to bulky and intimidating dual stimulation vibrators. 💓

In contrast to others, this compact and sober vibrator is expertly designed to provide the most stimulation without compromising on ease of use.

Crafted with 100% medical-grade silicone (RoHS passed / FDA grade), our dual stimulation vibrator is thoughtfully bendable to adapt to your unique body shape. In addition, Peak offers an impressive array of sensations with 10 vibration modes, a 3-speed internal thumping stimulation, and a 3-speed air pulse mode.

The Perfect Combo:

Easily held by you or your partner, Peak's curved design is perfect for internal stimulation of the G-spot or P-spot. Moreover, it features an air-pulsing head that effectively stimulates the clitoris, the perineum/scrotum area, or any other erogenous zone you desire. It's bendable design ensures a perfect fit for all body types.

Includes: Peak vibrator, USB charging cable and user manual.

***Peach & Cream is a Canadian company based out of Montréal***