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Tenga Puffy Ultra Soft Spongy Masturbator

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Sink into soft, enveloping pleasure.
Announcing the TENGA Puffy, the ultimate in luxurious softness!

The ultra-soft spongy material provides the ultimate luxurious pleasure, while a silky-smooth silicone cover provides irresistible, supple tactile sensations.
Experience super soft sensations like you’ve never felt before.

Seductive feel of the silky-smooth and super-soft material.

Experience the unprecedented seductive feel of the silky-smooth and super-soft material.
Squeeze the soft case to control the pressure inside. The anti-dust protective coating has a supple, smooth texture, providing a pleasurable tactile feeling.

The waterproof structure allows the internal sponge to stay dry for repeated use.

Remove the Top Cover to clean the product without water seeping into the internal structure and causing damage. When the Top Cover and Insertion Point Cap are removed, you can easily clean the inside of the product.

Cap has been designed for easy drying.

By using the Insertion Point Cap, drying is simple and hygienic.