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Eye Of Love Romantic Pheromone Cologne 50ml

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Prepping for a first date with the partner of your dreams? Getting ready for a fun night out with your significant other? Take the romance to the next level with Romantic Pheromone Cologne.

This sensual blend of earthy scents and lemongrass will accent your personality and draw your partner’s eyes all evening long.

Consider oak moss, lemongrass, and cloves blended with geranium, sandalwood, and mint, all layered over a subtle base of vanilla, jasmine, and cedar. Combined with the pheromones infused in the scent, sensuality will flow naturally. You’ll exude the confidence you’ve always had, with a boost to help your date or partner recognize and remember the things that drew you together.

The scent communicates with sensuality: a rare elegance directly connected to romance. Sensual and attractive, it creates an emotional response at first touch.