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Sincerely Amber Neck & Wrist Restraints

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Speaking of bondage and several bondage-minded scenarios, any good/great pair of cuffs will usually do the trick when tethers, straps, hogties and such come into play. Sometimes, though, you might be looking for something a little different. Sincerely's Amber Neck & Wrist Restraints are definitely different, and they're ready to sexily reinvent some classic trussed-up scenarios. Plus, they're absolutely gorgeous!

In pliable, temperature-receptive PVC inspired by classic tortoiseshell, this versatile two-in-one set was designed to secure your or your partner's cuffed-up wrists to a thick collar. You can definitely wear and/or play with each separately - the cuffs come clipped to a length of golden metal chain that can be threaded through the collar's O-ring or not.

Each Amber piece is fully adjustable thanks to simple buckles, and there are three big O-rings just waiting to be hooked up to plenty of compatible gear.

The Amber Neck & Wrist Restraints should be spot-cleaned as needed.eeded.