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Satisfyer Strengthening Balls 3 Pack

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Wearing the Strengthening balls for 15 minutes a day trains your pelvic floor muscles - the muscles that enable you to experience breathtaking orgasms. This intro set includes 3 variable weights to support a gradual training of your pelvic floor.

Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Training Pelvic floor training set for more intense orgasms
Main-Feature-Icons_Gray_Tightness More fun for both partners during sex thanks to muscular constrictions 


15 year warranty Orgasm training set: 61,9 g; 82,1 g; 97,9 g
Body-friendly silicone  More fun for both partners during sex thanks to muscular constrictions
Easy to clean 


Orgasm training with Satisfyer Strengthening Balls

The Strengthening Balls from Satisfyer help you strengthen your pelvic floor and enjoy breathtaking orgasms: The set of 3 Ben Wa balls will inspire you with their different weights, which allow you to gradually increase your pelvic floor training. Even a short daily workout of 15 minutes is enough to strengthen your pelvic floor for the long term. The Strengthening Balls are also suitable for people who have just given birth (but please speak to your doctor before beginning a pelvic floor training program!).
The lightest ball in the set weighs 61.9 g, the middle ball 82.1 g, and the heaviest ball 97.9 g – so both beginners and advanced users will find the right weight for them. Start with the lightest ball and move up slowly depending on how it feels – after a few weeks you will slowly improve. Thanks to the practical retrieval string, the Strengthening Balls are easy to insert and remove. The balls are made of body-friendly, soft silicone that can be cleaned with water, a mild soap and Satisfyer's Disinfectant Spray before and after each use.

What are the benefits of pelvic floor training?

Sensations during sex are intensified when you have trained your pelvic floor. Many people find they're able to feel sensations more intensely, grip penises or dildos more easily, and reach orgasm faster. Orgasms are also felt more intensely - by your partner too! The strengthened musculature provides a stimulating feeling of tightness through the firmer contractions, catapulting you both to cloud 9. Pro tip: incorporate kegel balls into your foreplay! The muscle contraction and gentle inner wall massage stimulate blood flow to the vagina, causing heightened arousal and sensitivity.