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Fun Factory Stronic Petite Pastel Lilac

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A Small Thrusting Vibrator For Beginners

  • Hands-free thrusting mini pulsator
  • Our smallest, lightest Stronic
  • Internal massage can improve vaginal health and libido during menopause (please note, Stronic toys are not pacemaker-safe!)
  • Extremely easy to use with a strong motor
  • Choose from 5 speeds and 3 rhythms

Fun Factory's beloved powerful Stronic motor, now in a cute and compact design! Its petite size and tapered tip make insertion comfortable for all, including menopausal folks, though we of course recommend using plenty of water-based lube for ultimate comfort and pleasure - Smooth Operator is our personal fave ;)

Rather than rumbling or buzzing like a traditional vibrator, Fun Factory's Stronic motor uses opposing magnets to drive a counterweight inside, causing the Stronic Petite to move back and forth on its own, allowing it to be used hands-free! Find your perfect speed and rhythm, from gentle strokes to powerful thrusting, and enjoy the internal massage given by the ridged shaft - it can even stimulate the internal legs of the clitoris, providing a longer, stronger orgasm.

Length: 17 cm

Diameter: 2.5-3.5 cm