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We-Vibe Melt Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator

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Look no further for the clit suction toy of your dreams. The Melt honestly has it all -- it's whisper quiet, bluetooth connected for long distance and partner play, waterproof, and rechargeable! Suction toys can sometimes be tricky to use with a partner, but not the Melt! This toy is sleek enough to slip between your bodies and the perfect addition during penetration (if that's your jam), because some of us need more than just that! We also love this toy because the entire toy is made out of super soft body-safe silicone, making it velvety smooth on your skin. If you have a vulva and you're after multiple orgasms or have never had an orgasm before, this toy is your best bet for getting you where you need to go! We swear by clitoral suction toys because of the isolated stimulation that it offers to the most sensitive part of the vulva. The non-suction end of this toy can also be used as a shallow dildo, and you know we love multi-purposeful toys! Last but certainly not least, try the Melt in the bathtub for a hot-tub jet like experience!

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